My Ideal Weekend

I entered the following post in a contest on Tim Ferriss’ Blog:

“The challenge in life — the beauty in life — has to do with trying to balance movement with stillness. Which is to say, action and contemplation… I want to balance the two so that I can try to understand the world and understand myself, and so that I can go out and learn and offer what I can, and then come back in, as it were, and gather myself, find out what I really think and believe, place solid foundations underneath my life.”
-Pico Iyer

I want to balance the stillness and action in my life that Pico Iyer talks about. My 48 hours is a combination of the routines that ground my life and a few special treats that whisk me away from that routine to a place where I can frolic, play and reflect.

The Routines:

4:30 am morning run with my dogs and husband: Getting up early to be with my family and exercise is one of the best parts of my day and truly helps to get each day off to the right start.

Hot Oatmeal Breakfast & Salad lunch: I have found that by automating these two meals with super healthy foods, the rest of the time I can eat what I want without stressing about it too much.

Hot Yoga: Hot Yoga is 90 minutes of mind and body healing that I have come to cherish. It keep my body nimble and gives me time to meditate.

Morning Study: My mind is clear and fresh in the morning. After my morning run, I like to spend a couple of hours reading and writing. This is also time to plan my next travel getaway and to learn about the place I am will travel to. Currently, I am preparing for a trip to Costa Rica.

Afternoon Nap: A pause for rest in the afternoon keeps me productive the rest of the day

Evening Walk: This is my time to unwind and appreciate the day that I have had. The dogs appreciate it too.

Weekend Cleanup: I believe strongly in taking care of what I have so I can take less from the world and show my intention and appreciation to the universe. Keeping my house clean and clutter free is an important part of that.

The Special Treats:

Bagels and Coffee Breakaway Breakfast: Getting a break from oatmeal and tea once a week is delicious and fun

Dinner Party with Friends: Connecting with friends and food. Need I say more.

Hiking up in the Mountains with my parents: My family is very important to me. It is they who have taught me to appreciate nature.

Lunch with my husband at the Banana Leaf Café: Banana Leaf is a cheap Malaysian restaurant that my husband and I love. Chatting about our life over yummy Malaysian cuisine is pure delight.

This is the weekend, of course, but my life during the week still contains the routines along with the a handful of projects that I am passionate about and that allow me to lead a productive, quality life where I grow and give back to the world that has given me so much.

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